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Chilly Dogs Sled Dog TripsLocated near Ely, Minnesota, a special little town known far and wide as the Gateway to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in the Superior National Forest, we provide exciting dog sledding adventures to individuals, families, and groups of all kinds. Our knowledgeable, seasoned guides accompany you as you drive your team of eager, friendly, sled dogs over scenic wilderness trails. That, combined with our thorough trip preparation, top-notch equipment, comfortable facilities, and convenient proximity to Ely, makes a Chilly Dogs Sled Dog Trip the perfect winter activity.

You'll have the time of your life as you pass through the picturesque North Country with a team of hearty Alaskan Husky sled dogs out in front of you, having as much fun as you are! They love people, and they love to run and pull—it's what they were born to do! Every trip is unique; the opportunities for adventure are endless. Whether you're riding in the padded sled enclosure, or standing on the back runners driving the team (and on this trip, you get to do both!), you'll see that dog sledding is not only fun, it's un-fur-gettable! Far from the normal hustle and bustle of ordinary, everyday life, an experience like this becomes that spark of inspiration that pops up in your memory again and again. I can check this off my Bucket List!



Chilly Dogs Sled Dog TripsThere's a reason that many of our guests have called their Chilly Dogs experience "...the trip of a lifetime." Others have told us that now they can cross this adventure off their "Bucket List". No matter what motivates you, we are here to provide the means for you to accomplish your goals. Give us a call at 218-365-4726, or contact us below today. We are happy to make your dreams of dog sledding come true!



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