Other Policies


Liability Release

It is important to note that dog sledding is an adventure activity, and whether you're mushing the team, riding in the sled, or taking a tour of the dog yard, there is an inherent degree of risk. For this reason, all our guests age 18 and up must read and sign a Liability Release form in order to participate. For groups traveling with a minor child not their own, we will require a liability form to be signed by the child’s parents, which indicates temporary legal guardianship of the child to the adult with whom they are traveling.

Privacy Policy

We consider your personal information private, and as such, we will never share any of your personal data with anyone else for any reason.

We do, from time to time, post photos on our website or social media pages on Facebook or Instagram that may or may not include your likeness, but no personal data or identification is ever included. We respect your right to privacy and will afford you the same courtesy and confidentiality that we ourselves appreciate from others.

Concerning Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs

Alcoholic beverages and cold weather outdoor activities make a dangerous combination, and we strictly prohibit their use on our trips. Possession or use of illegal drugs is also expressly prohibited on our trips. If we believe you to be under the influence of either alcohol or drugs to the extent that it creates a safety issue for our clients, guides, or dogs, we reserve the right to refuse service.