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BWCA sled dog trip


•   No previous dogsledding experience is necessary for any of our trips! We’ll teach you!
•   We run our trips with 2 adults per sled - one driving the sled; the other riding in the sled enclosure (or 1 adult driving with 1-2 children in the sled enclosure).
•   Two of our professional guides accompany every group of sleds on the trail. For safety, one of our guides is paired with a client on the lead sled, and one is paired with another client further back in the group. All pairings are planned out by our guides the day before your trip, and we assign sleds right before heading out on the trail.
•   Each member of your party will be paired with a.) one of our guides or b.) another member of your party. You will not share a sled with a member of another party.
•   Our adult guests—physically fit, age 15 and older, weighing at least 105 pounds*—are eligible to drive a sled.
•   Mushing (driving) a team of sled dogs requires adults (Def.: participants age 15 and older, weighing at least 105 pounds, in good physical condition) be able to stand on the sled’s runners while travelling on level trail, and jog beside the sled—maintaining a grip on the handlebar—while ascending the hills along the trail.
•   On any given trip, there are a limited number of spots for non-driving participants (riders only). Be sure to specify this need when you call to book, so we know how to place you. We will work with your party’s statistics to design a fun and memorable experience for all.
•   Trip prices quoted are all-inclusive (trip, training, education, and refreshments) excepting any needed rental items, and tips/gratuities (which are most encouraging, and much appreciated by our hard-working staff!).
•   Before booking, be sure to read our Cancellation Policy to understand how it may affect you.


❄ The Snowy Owl Run—Our Half-Day Tour
This is our most popular trip, suitable for ALL ages and multiple fitness levels. We begin with a totally fun, “hands-on” visit with our friendly Alaskan huskies. You’ll learn about the breed and hear some of the incredible back stories of our amazing sled dogs. We’ll provide a comprehensive sled-driving orientation just prior to the exhilarating launch of the dog teams. When you return, relax with some hot chocolate and goodies, visit with a guide, and take part in a brief educational component of our program. You’ll have time to peruse the treasures and exclusive Chilly Dogs apparel available in our Gift Shop before heading home.

Your three-hour overall experience includes an exciting hour of dogsledding covering 8 miles of beautiful, wilderness trails. This unique adventure is sure to be the highlight of your trip to Ely!
Rates and Info:
$160 per adult age 15 and up
$130 per youth age 8-14
$100 per youth age 7 and under

Minimum 2-adult rate per reservation.
Trip start times vary throughout the season.
Individual personal weight limit for this trip: 290 lbs.

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❄ The Backcountry Trek—Our Half-Day Plus
This trip is designed for active outdoor enthusiasts and requires a higher-than-average fitness level to master the more demanding trail. Like our Snowy Owl Run, upon your arrival you’ll participate in all the same pre-trip activities that set our program apart: a meet-and-greet with our dogs; a thorough sled-driving orientation prior to the exciting launch; and an unforgettable dog sledding experience. Then it’s time to relax, enjoy some refreshments, and settle in to learn even more about these amazing dogs and the lives they lead.

For those seeking a more challenging experience, our four-hour intermediate-level dogsled trip covers 15+ miles over varied terrain.
Rates and Info:
$210 per person

Minimum 2-adult rate per reservation.
Trip start times vary throughout the season.
Individual personal weight limit for this trip: 250 lbs.
Trip start times vary throughout the season; contact us for details.
Due to trip duration, participation by younger children is not advised.

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autumn leaf Autumn UTV Ranger Run with Kennel Tour
Before the trails are frozen and snow covered, guests may come and visit us here to see what a kennel of working dogs look like while conditioning for winter sled-pulling! We take you into our kennel to meet our fun, friendly Alaskan huskies. You can “hang-out” with them as our guide talks about the Alaskan husky breed and the lifestyle they live and love so much. These are extreme athletes, and they take great pleasure in running and pulling sleds over snow-packed trails! We'll show you the sleds, equipment, and techniques used; share some stories of dog sledding lore; and demonstrate some of the clothing and gear used for dogsledding. Then you will join us on a half-hour training run with a large team of dogs, while riding in the comfort of a Polaris Ranger. Plan on about 1½-2 hours for your visit.
Rates and Info:
$100 per adult age 15 and up
$80 per youth age 8-14
$65 per youth age 7 and under

Subject to availability. Minimum 2-adult rate per reservation. This trip is only an option during our pre-winter training season from October through approximately mid-December.
Limited to group sizes of 6-8 people per time slot, depending on the ages and weights of participants.
Larger Groups would require multiple time slots.

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BWCA sled dog trip

Come travel at the speed of Dog!