What To Wear On Your Dog Sled Trip


Winter along the Minnesota-Canadian border is cold—and going dogsledding here means you will be out in that cold for an extended period of time. TRUST US! Tennis shoes and blue jeans are most definitely NOT suitable for dog sledding—or any other outdoor activity, for that matter—while you’re visiting Ely.

"People get cold, not because of the temperature outside,
but because of insufficient clothing to keep them warm."

A good outdoor winter clothing system should include a base layer (long underwear); 1 or 2 mid-layers (fleece, wool, etc.); and a warm jacket, preferably with a windproof outer shell. Warm winter hats are mandatory! Also indispensable is a scarf, neck warmer, or face mask; gloves and mittens; and sunglasses or ski goggles to protect your eyes. To finish it all off—a warm pair of winter boots is a basic necessity. If you have need of any or all of these items, you may rent them right here onsite at very reasonable rates.

Our Rental Department—We’ve Got You Covered!

✔ Winter Boots (seriously insulated, high-quality)
✔ Wool Socks
✔ Fleece Jackets
✔ Windproof Shell Parkas
✔ Fleece Pants
✔ Windproof Shell Pants
✔ Hats
✔ Neck Warmers (fleece)
✔ Liner Gloves
✔ Overmitts (warm, windproof outer layer for your gloves/mittens)
✔ Ski Goggles
✔ Heat Packs (hand and foot warmers)

We offer our guests the same kind of winter clothing that our professional guides wear, because we know that’s what it takes to stay warm dogsledding in northern Minnesota.

*Please note: We carry adult sizes XS and up. We do not offer rental clothing in children’s sizes; however, kids age 14 and under ride inside the sled enclosure, out of the wind, with an insulating mat beneath them, and, when necessary, a blanket tucked around them for added warmth.

Bundled up for a chilly morning.


Come travel at the speed of Dog!